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ConqHER is dedicated to making every woman feel welcomed, comfortable, confident, and strong. Founded by women for women, ConqHER was created to educate and encourage women of all ages & fitness levels to pursue their own natural beauty. We want to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and ConqHER every single one of your fitness goals! We would be honored for you to choose us to be a part of your fitness journey.
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Meet the Team
When you walk into ConqHER Fitness, we want you to feel welcome, loved and encouraged! You will see lots of smiling faces that can't wait to assist you on your journey!
Amy Lechner
Amy is a dedicated wife and mother who is passionate about encouraging and helping women achieve their health and fitness goals. Amy has always been enthusiastic about fitness. She is a professional trainer, fitness instructor and sponsored athlete. 
Owner, Trainer & Group Fitness
Six years ago, Maggie decided to make her health a priority. She changed her eating habits, started working out, and lost 30lbs. However, it became obsessive as she developed an eating disorder. While she has gained some of the weight back, she has made recoveries and continues to work on her mental and physical health daily. She wants to help others do the same, and help them fall in love with being a healthier and fitter version of themselves!
Maggie Ward
Personal Trainer & Group Fitness
Michele has been a Certified Group Fitness Instructor for over 19 years. Her love of fitness came when she joined the Marine Corps in 1990. Michele has since competed in several running distance events and triathlons over the last 28 years. She’s also taught a variety of classes, for a broad range of participants. Michele is also a certified Personal Trainer and has a passion for working with special populations.” Age and ability doesn’t matter. We just need to move everyday.” She believes there is never a bad day at the gym.” Working out is not just for looking good on the outside, it's feeling great on the inside. Don’t miss out on opportunities to be the best you! It is not what you are that holds you back, it is what you think you are not.”
Michele Cosgrove
Group Fitness
Erica fell in love with yoga because of the mental/physical benefits of the practice. She is a social worker who specializes in mental health with a BSW from MTSU. Currently working with people with chronic mental illness. She received her RYT-200 from White Crow Yoga. In her classes, she focuses on proper alignment and relaxation. As part of our yoga program at ConqHer, we offer yoga workshops to help people deepen their own personal practice. 
Erica Lowe
 Group Fitness

ConqHER Prices

ConqHER All Exclusive
1-year contract
Gym, Unlimited Classes & Sauna
12/months @ $59/month or Full @ $688
       15% off ConqHER Apparel
       15% off Smoothie King
       10% off Personal Training
       Monthly Measurements & Progress Photos
       Half- Off Workshops 
        *students, teachers, police, military- 10% off 
        *family add-on- $10 off (maximum 2)

Gym & Sauna
12/months @ $29/month or Full $348
       10% off Smoothie King
Non-Member Prices
​​ Gym & Unlimited Classes
1-month recurring payments @ $69/month
       15% off Smoothie King
1-month recurring payments @ $39/month
       10% off Smoothie King

Day Pass
7-day Pass- Gym Only @ $40
Single Day Class Pass @ $15
Single Day Gym Only @ $10
10x Class Pass @ $120