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Group Fitness

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  1. ConqHER Spin
    ConqHER Spin
    Group indoor cycling that is fun and low impact! Find your rhythm to great music while imporving your strength and endurance level.
  2. Spin with "Coach by Color"
    Spin with "Coach by Color"
    Concept training. Personalized resistance levels to your ability. Fun, effective workout to get results. Requires you to be 10 minutes early to class to gt you ready for your personalized ride.
  3. ConqHER Pump
    ConqHER Pump
    This class is a barbell workout that gets you lean, toned and fit fast! Using light weights with lots of repetition to great music!
  4. Beginner Boot-camp
    Beginner Boot-camp
    This small group training course addresses multiple aspects of fitness: cardio, power, strength, and endurance. A 30 minute class that strengthens and tones at the same time.
  5. ConqHER Barre
    ConqHER Barre
    An empowering class that combines pilates, yoga and ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscle.
  6. ConqHER Glutes & Abs
    ConqHER Glutes & Abs
    Firm that booty and tighten that tummy! Interval glutes and abs class incorporating weights.
  7. Body Bands
    Body Bands
    This class is a ConqHER Fitness exclusive class! Designed to tone and tighten the entire body using resistance bands.
  8. Zumba
    We take the "work" out of workout by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie burning dance fitness party!
  9. Spin & Sculpt
    Spin & Sculpt
    Ready, set, spin, amp, and lift! Let's get sweaty in this 30 minute, jam packed mix of spinning and work on the floor. We will always start you off on the bike to get your muscles warm and your heart rate going. Then we will circuit through a full-body weighted workout to really tone your buns and guns.
  10. Beginner Yoga
    Beginner Yoga
    The focus is on learning proper alignment for each pose. Stretching, improving flexibility, and building balance while moving through sequences using breathing techniques. Modifications and advancements can also be made.